Development of a Water Main Condition Assessment Strategy

Image on long water main TasWater

TasWater provides water and sewerage services across Tasmania through assets including 70 drinking water supply systems, 6,600km of water mains and 202,000 connections.

Cardno was appointed by TasWater to develop a Water Main Condition Assessment Strategy as part of its overall development of Asset Management Class Plans for key asset groups. The Strategy was developed through a comprehsive process involving a review of relevant literature,  stakeholder engagement and collaboration with subject matter experts.

The strategy developed included:

  • Condition assessment concepts and their applicability to water mains
  • Use of risk and prioritisation in developing condition-assessment programs
  • Summary performance review of TasWater water mains within the scope of the strategy
  • Detailed descriptions of available water main condition assessment techniques and assessment of their capabilities against a number of criteria
  • Overall implementation plan for a water main condition assessment program including identification of prioritised improvement activities.
  • Delivery of 'Delivery of a Strategy' report including provision in Taswater documentation template.