Creative Village

Cardno field crew performing air quality testing

Cardno provides overall program management and incorporated sustainable practices into the redevelopment design, helping revitalize a blighted area adjacent to downtown Orlando.

The Creative Village project aims to revitalize a blighted area adjacent to downtown Orlando. Led by a public-private partnership between Banc of America Community Development Corporation, Ustler Development and the City of Orlando, the initial phase of the project will design and construct the public infrastructure necessary to allow the development of a $1.2 billion, 68-acre, LEED-ND certified, transit-oriented mixed-use development consisting of cradle-to-college education, office, mixed income housing, hotel, public parks and retail spaces.

All public infrastructure improvements associated with the project will be funded through various grant opportunities, such as DOT, EDA, HUD and EPA grant sources.

The Development Team continues to work in concert with the City of Orlando to identify and pursue various funding sources, as the initial infrastructure improvements are estimated to total over $80 million.

As the prime consultant, Cardno will provide overall program management and incorporate sustainable practices into the project’s design. Cardno’s past experience with similar projects has enabled them to successfully address the various design requirements for large-scale projects.

Having the ability to provide all services in-house, Cardno is able to develop an integrated approach that couples planning, sustainability and environmental engineering with the required civil engineering design components. 

Cardno provides grant writing, all public infrastructure and open space design and permitting; civil engineering design, including potable water, sanitary sewer, stormwater management, and roadway design, as well as the formal design of streetscape, landscape and hardscape improvements along the new roads and in the public gathering spaces.

Additionally, Cardno is a Project Team Member for the overall project’s LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) certification.