Creation of a National Roads Network Development Planning Function (NRP)

Aerial view of bus and other traffic driving through a village with lush vegetation on background hills

The Government of Indonesia recognises that a long-term, strategic vision is critical to creating a modernised national road network that can help grow the economy and deliver widespread benefits to Indonesians. Cardno is proud to be working to help realise this vision.

Cardno was contracted by the Australian Government to assist the Government of Indonesia (GoI) through the NRP, to achieve its vision to modernise the national road network. This has been critically important to support continued national economic growth and to ensure the benefits of growth are distributed widely.

In the past, short-term, fragmented and incremental approaches to planning new roads and capacity enhancements, coupled with the analytical shortcomings of available planning tools, have failed to deliver a modern, efficient national road network.

Building on these experiences, Cardno was tasked with identifying a long-term program of major road development projects that saw us working collaboratively with the Directorate General of Highways (DGH), Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, to develop new planning procedures and tools.

In partnership with the DGH, Cardno has made progress in this area with the development of the Planning Toolkit. The main element of the Toolkit introduced is the strategic island-wide traffic models using CUBE software. The first ever National Roads Inter-Urban Network Development Master Plan (IUNDMP), published in early 2017, was the first major output from this Toolkit.  

The IUNDMP has made it easier for the DGH to develop budgets that are consistent with medium and longer-term national connectivity and accessibility goals. Support provided to the DGH to prepare their medium-term plan (RENSTRA) and long-term master Plan (RUJPJJN) has also influenced the resultant budget allocations.

Our team continued to bring expertise in project management, infrastructure, road planning, and capacity development to this Project, and worked with the DGH’s Road Network Development team to:

  • further develop planning tools and staff capabilities required for the preparation and application of a national road capacity expansion and development program
  • train nominated DGH counterparts in forward planning, CUBE Model development and application
  • support the DGH to formulate and publish a long-term National Roads Master Plan
  • develop a strategy for the creation of a forward planning group with DGH which sets out the processes, tools, annual cycles, resources, roles, responsibilities and budget required to create a sustainable DGH team.