COVID-19 Support for Television, Film, and Media

News reporter wearing a mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Cardno ChemRisk has helped TV, film, and media production companies address concerns and raise awareness across several aspects of COVID-19 to provide guidance on how to best protect staff, crews, daily hires, talent, vendors, and guests as they respond to breaking news and prepare to resume productions.

Cardno ChemRisk has been actively supporting independent and network productions during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and abroad.

This ongoing support incorporates the latest scientific understanding of the virus and transmission, state/province and federal COVID-19 guidance, best practices, and guidance from the relevant unions (e.g., Safe Way Forward).

Television studio staff keeping their distance during COVID-19 pandemic

Specific services provided include:

Robust Infection Prevention & Control Protocols
The team helps review current production protocols, policies, and plans and make infection prevention and control recommendations that align with the company’s current system, including union requirements, and provide prudent measures of risk mitigation. Cardno ChemRisk can provide enhanced disinfection procedures for studios and remote locations, as well as enhanced recommendations for best practices regarding wellness checks, case management, social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), and communication.

COVID-19 Production and Field Support
Recognizing the industry need to have someone on a production or in the field to provide COVID-19 expertise and support, the team offers COVID-19 Coordinators (i.e., Health and Safety Supervisors) to help ensure the protective measures put in place are adequately implemented and followed. In addition, the team can support unique work environments such as hair, makeup, costume fittings, interviews, props, and other close contact assignments considering COVID-19 best practices and in accordance with union guidance (e.g., Safe Way Forward). Travel and site visits follow current local, state, federal, and country restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training and Educational Sessions
Cardno ChemRisk provides training and educational sessions for groups of daily hires, freelancers, employees, management, and leadership working for productions. Through a virtual platform, Cardno ChemRisk can provide training for general COVID-19 awareness and COVID-19 risks during production. In addition, we are actively training COVID-19 Coordinators (i.e., Health and Safety Supervisors) to be on-site during production.

Cardno ChemRisk also provides educational sessions to daily hires, freelancers, employees, management, and leadership in the form of an “Ask Me Anything” session. During this session, our team can address employees’ concerns and questions with science-based and best practice answers. This has provided several companies with reassurance from a team of infectious disease experts, Certified Safety Professionals, microbiological aerosol experts, Certified Industrial Hygienists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists.

Risk Assessments with Up-to-Date Information on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Cardno ChemRisk provides COVID-19 specific bespoke risk assessments for location scouting, productions, field assignments, and comprehensive literature reviews of reliable resources regarding COVID-19, with a focus on viral persistence environmental stability, transmission, and other aspects of the virus. Additionally, the team closely monitors the rapid developments in published literature, providing weekly updates to keep productions up-to-date on the newest developments.