Condition Assessment & Asset Performance Guidelines for Water Supply & Sewage

Water treatment facility

As a result of its asset management reputation in the water sector, Cardno was commissioned by the Institute of Public Works Australasia (IPWEA) to assist it to develop a Condition Assessment and Performance Guideline for Water Supply and Sewerage.

Cardno worked with IPWEA and other stakeholders to develop a practical guideline that drew together the most appropriate contemporary practice into a national approach and encourage consistency of data collection and outputs

The Guidelines adopt a risk management approach to condition assess a network of water supply and sewerage assets and arrive at proposed actions from maintenance to long term remedial works.

Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia (IPWEA) the Practice Note for the Condition and Performance Assessment of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure booklets

The scope of the project included:

  • How to develop an asset condition and performance assessment strategy through adopting a risk-based prioritisation process
  • Information management
  • Rating systems for condition assessment
  • A three level condition assessment approach:
    • Level 1 - Routine operation and maintenance data assessment
    • Level 2 – Formalised asset inspection/ condition assessment
    • Level 3 – Detailed investigation
  • Asset inspection processes
  • Data analysis
  • Prioritising actions resulting from the assessment process

Cardno also developed a risk-based renewals forecasting tool to accompany the guideline.