Concord Reuse Project Specific Plan EIR

Old Munitions Bunkers at site former Naval Weapons Station in California

This project represents a rare opportunity to incorporate, in the most thoughtful and sensitive way possible, much-needed affordable and market rate housing, commercial development, recreational facilities and open space into the heart of an already vibrant and growing city.

To help the city prepare for one of the first integrated mass transit-based communities in the region, Cardno was engaged to undertake an environmental impact report (EIR) to meet both programmatic and project-specific requirements.  

Cardno assembled a team experienced in delivering similar California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents for complex multi-use development projects on former military bases and brownfields and a thorough understanding of the legal requirements of CEQA.

In addition to housing, transportation, utilities, biological resources, and community vision for the space, Cardno recognized the visual, noise, air quality, and greenhouse gas issues involved. Our approach to addressing these concerns involves early and active collaboration with the city, developer, and the community to develop practical solutions supported by strong stakeholder buy-in on the approach.  

While the Specific Plan is under development internally, our team will collaborate closely with the city and the developer to determine the best type of EIR to streamline approval of future phases of the project.

With input from the city and the public, the team will determine the level and type of reports needed to achieve full project-level analysis of the initial phase of the project, the Infrastructure Master Plan, and either project-level or program-level analysis of subsequent planned phases.