Computerized Asset Management System Implementation

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Cardno joined forces with Oracle to implement Hillsborough County’s Computerized Asset Management System (CAMS).

The project enabled the County to: 

  • evaluate and analyze individual assets or grouping of assets for their capital, operating, and maintenance histories and costs 
  • aid in the reporting of GASB34 and CMOM regulatory requirements 
  • better define asset valuation and condition rating data
  • more effectively make strategic “repair vs. replacement” decisions on assets
  • support asset creation / acquisition, operating changes, and sale / disposal within a process that integrates procurement, inventory control, and work management
  • more effectively react to maintenance issues based on readings from the County’s SCADA system
  • more effectively capture billing information and work history related activities on County customers
  • streamline field crews’ business processes with the integration of the County’s GIS.

Project tasks included application implementation process, creating business process workflows, interface requirements, data migration/conversion, mobile computing requirements, bar coding requirements, management reporting requirements, support pilot and production roll-outs, resolve issues that surface regarding implementation and use of the application to meet the County’s business needs, software training, and application development – GIS integration, and asset risk assessment.