Coast Guard Shore Infrastructure Program

Cardno helped the U.S. Coast Guard move from a reactionary, corrective equipment maintenance model to a proactive, risk-managed program that has enhanced its ability to enforce maritime law, protect the safety of lives at sea, and protect the maritime environment.

The U.S. Coast Guard (CG) is responsible for maintaining over 130,000 pieces of equipment across more than 12,000 shore facilities covering over 25M GSF across the U.S. and around the world.

Cardno was engaged to help the CG achieve total asset visibility as a foundation for enterprise management and to move the organization from a reactionary, corrective maintenance model, to a proactive, risk-managed program. To meet these challenges, Cardno’s team developed and successfully implemented a four-phase program.

Phase 1: Equipment enrollment strategy

Cardno established the program documentation and configuration standards during this phase. We developed the cornerstones of the CG Civil Engineering Program standardized equipment management and maintenance program – a model for a comprehensive approach to centralized configuration of mission critical equipment.

Phases 2 & 3: Field enrollment, PM assignment and training

The second and third phases encompassed enrollment of 95 per cent of the CG’s equipment inventory, including field data collection, data entry into the CG’s Shore Asset Management (SAM) system, assignment of Preventive Maintenance (PM) requirements, and formalized unit training. In total, Cardno:

  • enrolled equipment from over 12,000 facilities comprising more than 25M GSF of the CG’s geographically dispersed shore plant
  • created approximately 130,000 equipment records
  • assigned 278,000 annual PM labor hours to this equipment.
  • undertook condition assessments for over 3,000 buildings and 8,200 structures/systems, totaling 11M GSF, for potential future expansion of facilities condition assessments to the entire enterprise.

Phase 4: Data sustainment, key performance indicator dashboard, and ongoing helpdesk support

Cardno developed and implemented procedures, processes and measures necessary for continued maturation of the CG’s shore asset management program, including:

  • a detailed job guide for CG personnel to complete enrollment of the last five per cent of their equipment, as well as for new equipment subsequently placed into service
  • a quality control procedure to ensure long-term fidelity of the asset management program’s foundational data maintained within the CG’s SAM system
  • proactive performance management through the development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and internal and external industry benchmarks, displayed in an intuitive and interactive dashboard for high visibility at all levels in the CG
  • a fully staffed, highly responsive helpdesk to aid in SAM data management and understanding and practical utilization of KPI metrics
  • implementation of continuing process improvement and effectiveness reviews.