Coast Guard Advanced Metering

Cardno designed and installed an advanced electric metering system for the US Coast Guard (CG).

Cardno supported the U.S. Coast Guard’s 100 per cent achievement of mandated advanced metering by installing and testing over 3,000 meters on facilities nationwide, delivering almost $1 million in budget savings.

This involved the delivery of services over two years, on a project valued at $8 million. We designed and installed an advanced electric metering system comprising 301 installations in 39 states and territories throughout continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.    

These systems record and transmit energy data to a web application to form the energy information foundation for planning and performance management. 

Our team provided and coordinated all of the project management, engineering, labor, materials and equipment necessary to design, install, test and place into service the 3,226 meter system.  

Cardno designed and installed an advanced electric metering system for the United States Coast Guard (CG).

We also provided web hosting services to the CG for two years following installation to allow real-time access to the meter data, and to ensure the following data was available from each location: 

  • kilowatts (total, minimum and average per phase) 
  • power factor (total load and per phase) 
  • voltage (line-to-line, line-to-neutral and for each phase) 
  • amperage (average current and per phase)

To meet the CG’s aggressive schedule, the Cardno team developed a web-based planning and management tool to provide foundational support for the full cycle of advanced metering implementation, from planning and design through to installation and operation.  

Cardno completed the contract under budget and saved the CG nearly $1 million in reimbursable travel costs.