Climate Information Prize (CIP)

Celebrating the win of the Climate Information Prize

Cardno’s programme and prize management is helping entrepreneurs seed new ideas that are building communities’ resilience to climate change.

Cardno managed the Climate Information Prize (CIP), which awarded cash to innovators who used climate information to generate new ideas and solutions supporting vulnerable individuals, households and communities in Kenya.  

Cardno lead the implementation of the CIP with robust governance, financial management, monitoring and reporting procedures. Our team forged partnerships with institutional and programme networks across Kenya, the East Africa/Horn of Africa region and beyond, to promote the CIP and build private sector investment. We also managing marketing workshops, events like award ceremonies, media campaigns and other communication channels to heighten awareness and encourage participation from problem solvers.  

Working closely with the Climate Change Adaptation Theme Leader and IMC Prize Manager, we managed the registration, screening and assessment of prize applications – ensuring rigor, transparency and fairness. We not only managed the distribution of funds to prize winners, but importantly, we helped support the long-term viability of prize-winning solutions.  

The CIP has generated excellent community-shaping solutions, including: 

  • an innovative virtual agro-weather advisory platform providing valuable weather and climate information to help farmers improve their farm management practices 
  • a pioneering knowledge-sharing platform for the smallholder farmers who have no internet access 
  • a ‘climate smart village’ program that enhances communities’ climate knowledge so they can improve their food security, water management and access to reliable energy sources. 

The final and most sought after prize was awarded in late 2018. Read our coverage of the event here.