Clifton Springs and Drysdale Flood Study

This flood study is the first to be undertaken in the Clifton Springs and Drysdale catchment area of Greater City of Geelong and will guide future planning to ensure prioritisation of areas with increased risk and community interest.

Our Victorian stormwater team has been actively involved in flood study and mitigation assessments for over 20 years. We have recently been making headway in the Integrated Water Management (IWM) sector and this project has been significant for the Victorian team as a catchment-scale study, rather than smaller development or precinct scale strategies.

In January 2020, we allied with the City of Greater Geelong to conduct the Flood, Mitigation and IWM Study for the Clifton Springs and Drysdale catchment areas. Our team has also fostered a close working relationship with multiple departments within the City of Greater Geelong to drive future opportunities and efficiencies in authority approvals for current projects across the region.

This flood study breaks the mould on the ‘cookie cutter’ flood study project by leveraging an understanding of catchment-wide water resources to investigate IWM opportunities in addition to traditional stormwater mitigation.

These types of all-inclusive projects are highly beneficial to communities. By allowing Council to prioritise future implementation planning based on modelled flood risk, modelled flood damage reductions and a combination of quantitative and qualitive assessments for structural and non-structural options, we can make the catchment as resilient and sustainable as possible across a number of environmental, social and economic facets going in to the future.

We are and have provided the following services to the City of Greater Geelong:

  • Site Visit
  • Draft Flood Modelling (RORB and TUFLOW)
  • Community Consultation Round 1
  • Draft Hydrology/Hydraulic Validation and Design Report
  • Draft Flood Mitigation Opportunities
  • IUWM Situational Analysis
  • Draft Planning Flood Overlays
  • Community Consultation Round 2

By mid-2022, our team will provide the following services;

  • Final Hydrology/Hydraulic Validation and Design Report and Maps
  • Final Flood Mitigation and AAD Assessment
  • Flood Emergency and Planning Flood Overlays
  • IUWM Proposals and Assessment (MCA)
  • Catchment Management Unit Strategy

Find out about the Clifton Springs and Drysdale Flood Study and the current Stage 2 of the Community Engagement consultation here.