Civic Engagement Public Webinar for Ackerson Meadow, Yosemite National Park

As part of preparing an environmental assessment (EA) for an ecological restoration project at Ackerson Meadow in Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest, Cardno coordinated a civic engagement public webinar.

This included providing the webinar platform for the meeting, assisting with preparation of meeting materials, hosting the webinar, and coordinating and hiring a captioner for the hearing impaired. Working with the National Park Service (NPS), Cardno analyzed and coded public comments in the NPS internal database and developed a public comment summary for both the civic engagement period and comments received following the release of the EA to the public. Cardno also participated in a preferred alternative workshop and drafted a preferred alternative workshop report.

The EA was prepared to analyze the proposed action which would protect the remaining intact wetlands and restore wetland ecosystem function to Ackerson and South Ackerson Meadows in a sustainable manner that minimizes impacts to park resources. Proposed restoration actions would reconnect the meadow floodplains with seasonal groundwater regimes that support natural wetland plant communities and enhance habitats for focal wildlife species including the great grey owl and the little willow flycatcher. 

Restoration actions would also enhance ecosystem resilience to climate change and support plant resources important to local native tribes.