City of Columbia, South Carolina – Brownfields Grant Funding

Rendering of a proposed building for the Columbia Brownfields redevelopment project

Cardno has helped revitalize economically underutilized regions of Columbia, South Carolina, by helping the City to secure and deliver on $1.8 million in transformative grant funding.

For more than a decade, Cardno has worked with the City of Columbia to secure $1.8 million in grant funding to revitalize and transform economically underutilized regions of the City into areas where highly-skilled people live, work, and play.   

With a full service, professional grants department in place, our team worked in partnership with the City Office to understand the challenges the City faced, and to secure targeted grant funding that would make an impact.  

Initially, the City was awarded two Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Community-Wide Brownfields Assessment Grants – one for $200,000 for petroleum Brownfields and the other $200,000 grant for hazardous substance Brownfields.

An additional $1 million coalition Brownfield Assessment Grant was secured to develop and implement regional Brownfields solutions, followed by another $400,000 Community-Wide Assessment Grant in 2014.   

With Cardno’s support, the City of Columbia has leveraged the EPA Brownfields grant funding, adding nearly $200 million for additional private and public redevelopment of properties.  

Examples of the work that was undertaken as a result of securing funding for remediation include:  

  • a former gas station property became a retail and student housing space for a local college 
  • former industrial properties were transformed into a children’s museum 
  • the former state penitentiary was converted into a mixed-use redevelopment.  

When the existing projects are completed, the total investment in remediation and development projects during Cardno’s time working with the City is expected to reach $303.4 million.