City of Atlanta Brownfield Consulting

Brownfield site inspection

Cardno assists the City of Atlanta with program management and brownfields consulting services for $400,000 US EPA Brownfields Community-wide Assessment grant.

Cardno provides Brownfields Consulting Services including project management, reporting and Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. Additional services include public outreach and participation, conceptual design and Analysis for Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives. 

The impact of the numerous brownfields scattered throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan Area are widespread. Building on the success of a previous Area-wide Planning and a Community-Wide Assessment grants the City was awarded a second Community-Wide Assessment grant in 2013.

In 2015, Cardno was selected and awarded a contract to provide Brownfields Consulting Services. During the development of a long range plan, at least 19 priority areas were identified.

Developers and business owners are reluctant to invest in development opportunities in these areas which contained perceived symbols of environmental-stigmatized properties. The grant has been successful in removing the stigma from properties. 

Recently, the City has funded 6 Phase I’s and 3 Phase II ESAs, and 1 Tank Removal. Additional funding was used for community outreach, education and development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs). 

Key services: 

  • Brownfields support services 
  • ACRES database management 
  • Brownfields program development 
  • EPA Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) 
  • EPA Site-Specific QAPPs 
  • Community awareness 
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments 
  • Environmental remediation.