Cities and Infrastructure for Growth Uganda

The Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG) Uganda programme is providing demand-driven technical assistance to governments, municipal authorities and public agencies to address constraints to private and public infrastructure investment, building capabilities for sector management, and supporting competitive cities.

Through economic planning, smart industrial policy, urban planning and the development of municipal finance, Cardno is working towards one of Uganda’s ambitions to make the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GMKA), one of the most attractive cities in the world. This will make Uganda a safer and more efficient place for its citizens and visitors to enjoy. 

Further to this, one of CIG Uganda’s goals is creating more competitive cities for jobs and growth ‒ inclusive, competitive cities drive accelerated growth, increased income and overall productivity. 

The purpose behind CIG interventions is to improve public sector capacity in urban management, power sector development and infrastructure service delivery and to make the investment environment attractive to private suppliers of capital.  

Through a demand-driven approach the Cardno consortium will work with up to 20+ Government of Uganda Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) including the National Planning Authority, and Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. 

The programme’s objectives are: 
  • Improve urban development and productivity and therefore increasing job capacity
  • Boost access to reliable and affordable power for the population
  • Increase investment in to infrastructure services again creating jobs
  • Drive better asset and financial management for sustainable large scale investment into the nation of Uganda.

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The programme will focus on the Jinja-Kampala-Entebbe (JKE) corridor, with an initial emphasis on Greater Kampala. However, it also recognises the strategic importance of Jinja as a key East African trade route and a designated industrial city.

Cardno is responsible for identification, management and delivery of the technical assistance, to strengthen management of urban, energy and investment, and to help build an investable pipeline of projects. 

Technical and sector skills to be deployed as part of the delivery of the facility include: 

  • Economic growth analysis and planning
  • Urban planning, spatial analysis, design 
  • Power and sustainable energy planning
  • Utility regulation (e.g. energy, water, telecoms) 
  • Water, power and waste utilities design, operating systems, management and revenue control 
  • Surveying and quantity surveying 
  • Civil engineering 
  • Electrical engineering, power generation and transmission expertise 
  • Technical and commercial operations of utility systems 
  • Transport planning, mass transit systems, design and procurement
  • Legislative and regulatory expertise, particularly around planning, energy and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).