Chicago Park District Natural Area Restoration and Stewardship Services

Restored Gardens within the Chicago Park District

As part of a five-year contract, Cardno is assisting the Chicago Park District, the largest municipal park manager in America and owner of more than 8,100 acres of green space, with the restoration of more than 1,500 acres of natural areas.

Park restoration will create habitat for wildlife, provide protection from erosion, and increase opportunities for Chicagoans to enjoy nature by expanding recreational opportunities.

The Cardno team has extensive specialist skills in natural resource management, restoration and ecology. We’re delivering a range of services at over 60 natural areas within the Chicago Park District, including native flora management, invasive species management, prescribed burn management, design, construction, and restoration planning that will make the park more aesthetically pleasing. We are also involved with community outreach and volunteer stewardship coordination.

Cardno is also transforming former industrial/commercial spaces into green spaces by remediating contaminated industrial sites, planning, and incorporating restoration techniques such as treating invasive species. Our team has also been instrumental in the design and construction of new nature play spaces throughout the park district.

This includes the installing of native prairie, woodland and savanna seed mixes as well as native trees and shrubs. Cardno’s Native Plant Nursery in Walkerton, Indiana, provided a variety of plants and seed mixes used in the project.

The nursery will also assist with a customized seed mix design when the job requires a non-standard mix.