Changing the way we shop

This year saw many retail stores change the way they do business due to COVID-19. As customers move more of their shopping online, click and collect has been gaining in popularity. Click and collect is a system where buyers can purchase their items online, via a store’s website or App, and then have their goods delivered directly to their car boot my employees of the retail store.

Saving on the cost of delivery, shoppers enjoy the speed and convenience of picking up an order from a nearby location when it suits them. Click and collect also offered shoppers a safe way to shop that adheres to social distancing as it is contactless, minimising person-to-person interaction.

Cardno has experienced significant demand for traffic engineering advice, including design advice for shopping centres and retailers across Australia. This year saw a spike in services associated to click and collect including signage and line marking plans, safety assessments, pedestrian facilities design, car parking layout, wayfinding plans, site access and circulation to the proposed pick up drive-thru areas and preparing traffic impact assessment reports to accompany Town Planning Applications.

Working closely with the retailers, a common challenge facing the Cardno team is designing a feasible pick up drive-through area within existing site constraints. This included reducing the number of car park spaces for the site to create additional room for the pick-up spaces.

Completing numerous click and collect projects throughout Australia, the traffic team also provided:

  • Click and collect designs per Australian Standards and BCA requirements
  • Site optimisation with swept path diagrams for vehicles entering and exiting the parking spaces
  • Safe retail staff and pedestrian movements between proposed pick up drive through areas and the internal click and collect store
  • The designation of a pick-up drive-thru space to ensure that parking spaces are available for these customers when they arrive to collect their goods in a convenient location for staff to access the customer's vehicle
  • Pedestrian and vehicular safety review and design
  • Pedestrian footpath review and design
  • Compliant pram ramp design
  • Car park review and design
  • Internal vehicle manoeuvring strategy - reverse in and forward out, forward in and reverse out or drive-thru
Shopping trolleys Vegetables in a grocery store