Centre for Good Governance

Local women from Chin State in Myanmar wearing traditional garb

Cardno is facilitating effective engagement between civil society, government and other stakeholders to promote more inclusive, and responsive public institutions, policies and practices in Myanmar.

The CESF, now known in Myanmar as the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) is a £4 million DFID-funded programme which aims to support enhanced local governance in Bago Region and Kayah State, Myanmar. Cardno is proud to be contributing to this process through our work managing the CGG.  

Inclusive and accountable local governance institutions are critical for both effective service delivery and the deepening of democracy and stability. The CGG works with a range of stakeholders, including government, civil society and citizens, to contribute to more inclusive and responsive public institutions, policies and practices in Myanmar.  

With the CGG, Cardno is identifying and testing new ways to bring citizens, local authorities and other parties together, to influence local governance related ways of working and platforms for engagement in Kayah and Bago in the following key areas: 

  • local governance systems and processes 
  • constructive engagement of civil society 
  • inclusion of marginalised groups in governance processes

The CGG has been designed to be a flexible and adaptive facility that supports creative and locally driven initiatives. It has also been designed to develop and implement pilots to test different approaches to improving local governance, to generate learning and evidence, and understand what works and what does not, when it comes to creating space for civic engagement and accountability, and supporting the transition to more inclusive and responsive ways of working.  

It is based on the premise that testing new ways of working, targeting specific obstacles to effective local governance in particular contexts, and stimulating opportunities for government, civil society and other stakeholders (including ethnic armed organisations and private sector) to work together, will stimulate improvements in local governance, so that it is more inclusive, effective and accountable.  

The Facility’s focus is on Bago Region and Kayah State, to maximise learning and innovation based around initiatives in these settings. However, any learning from pilot innovations will be extended to consider scalability for other contexts, and implications for national level dialogue and efforts. As Facility Manager, Cardno is coordinating the strategic engagement with key stakeholders, using a flexible and adaptive approach to respond to opportunities and analyse specific scenarios to promote evidence-based programming and continuous learning.