Central Florida Regional Planning Council – General Brownfield Services

Building in an area assessed as part of a general brownfield services assessment

Since 2009, Cardno has helped the Central Florida Planning Council (CFRPC) secure $2.7 million in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields grant funding, which is contributing to the regeneration of safe and usable land for local communities.

Our team is proud to work in partnership with the Council to help them obtain grant funding under a Coalition Assessment and Revolving Loan Fund Grant(s). We also provide Brownfields consulting and assessment services to the CFRPC, in addition to programmatic grant support services. 

Cardno brings extensive experience in land management, planning, design and landscape architecture, site assessment and remediation to the work we do for Council, and deliver a range of services including:  

  • phase I/II and environmental site assessments 
  • indoor air quality 
  • asbestos/lead-based paint 
  • community outreach and workshops 
  • property identification 
  • database development and geographic information system (GIS) inventory 
  • quality assurance project plans 
  • programmatic support. 

As properties located within the defined CFRPC redevelopment areas are susceptible to the impacts related to historic phosphate mining, the Cardno team has also worked closely with the Florida Department of Health (DOH) Radiation Monitoring Division to develop procedures to screen properties for radiation in soil and groundwater as part of the assessment process.