Castor Crescent Development Project

Castor Crescent development site

When businesses and new neighbourhoods are being built, it signifies a growing community. A strong community can greatly benefit families and businesses in a variety of ways.

In an age where technology both connects us and separates us, a local community can greatly benefit our wellbeing and can increase our contentment in day-to-day life.  

At Cardno we value creating a safe community for our people and clients, through our projects and in particular land development.

To provide expertise on a new community development, Cardno were engaged by HLC (now Kāinga Ora  to undertake the Castor Crescent 54-unit Land Development Project, in Porirua as part of their social housing development programme in 2017. Located in Cannons Creek, Porirua, this $17 Million project involved various services delivered by our team in Wellington.

The works involved earthworks to form the building platforms, construction of new roads and associated water, sewer and stormwater reticulation and the installation of utility services including electricity and telecommunications. Construction of retaining walls up to 2.0 metres high were also required.

Cardno provided the professional services for this project including the initial topographical survey, geotechnical investigations, detailed design and drawings, structural design and documentation of retaining walls, erosion and sediment control, stormwater attenuation, resource consent applications, cost estimating, preparation of tender documentation, construction contract management, land transfer surveys, resource consent compliance and acting as the Engineer to Contract.

Castor Crescent development site

Castor Crescent

The constrained site for the Castor Crescent development posed several challenges requiring several innovations to accommodate all the equipment and facilities, careful interface management including many key stakeholder discussions with Council to facilitate narrower road, location of services and to ensure a cost effective and value for money design within these constraints.

Cardno’s technical experts navigated their way through these challenges to reach favourable outcomes including completion of the project within the allocated programme and budget as well as a high level of client satisfaction.

As a result, we are proud to have been a part of the development of Castor Crescent, allowing for beautiful homes and a thriving new community to flourish.