Cardinia Road Temporary Works

Cardno provided a multitude of services ranging from Traffic Management Strategy and Traffic Staging to providing finalised construction drawings of a temporary road including road re-alignment, drainage and barrier design in preparation for the removal of a level crossing.

The Cardinia Road, Pakenham level crossing will be removed by building a road bridge. As a part of this work, a temporary road on the eastern side of Cardinia Road was required to allow traffic to continue to move through the area with minimal disruption to drivers and passengers throughout the project.

Cardno’s transport infrastructure and traffic teams worked quickly to assess the horizontal and vertical road geometry, which had to meet tight property boundaries. The design also needed to be connected to an existing rail line signalised crossing, which was required to be retained during the temporary works. Given the need for the signalled crossing to remain and tight property boundaries, the Cardno team had to work through alternatives to meet the geometrical requirements.

As part of the temporary works, temporary drainage was designed to maximising the use of the existing drainage and to align with the ultimate drainage system to minimise any reworks at different construction stages.

The Cardno team ensured the design was developed quickly to assist the client in receiving comments and feedback for a road safety audit and in turn into the detailed design report.

Throughout the project, Cardno’s approach was to ensure weekly updates regarding the progress of the design were reported to the client. Open and direct communication and collaboration with the client and all parties involved was a key success factor.

Cardno’s design minimised the impact on existing infrastructure, including existing utilities, existing lighting, existing pedestrian access, existing rail signalling and existing access requirements.