Cambodia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC)

Suk Nai Heng, Prak Ny. CAVAC Field day, Campei commune. 23 Nov. 2012 Takeo Cambodia

Cardno’s expertise in market systems and economic and agriculture development is cultivating a positive future for small farmers and trade in Cambodia.

Cardno is leading the overall delivery of CAVAC, which is strengthening market systems, and investing in irrigation infrastructure to increase the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers and trade competitiveness in milled rice and other crops in Cambodia.  

CAVAC is based on the Making Markets Work for the Poor principles. It strengthens market connections, promotes greater investment and adds value along specific product value chains that link suppliers, farmers and consumers.  

Taking a market systems development approach, CAVAC does not usually work with farmers directly, but instead works with businesses and government agencies that supply essential products and services to smallholder farmers. Cardno harnesses their networks to distribute information about the best use of pesticides and fertilisers, and to promote the use of new technologies that can increase yields. CAVAC Phase II (2016 – 2021) plans to reach an additional 135,000 households with information that will potentially change farming practices and increase incomes.  

CAVAC also invests in the development of community-run irrigation schemes that increase yields by ensuring year-round access to water. Approximately 18,000 householders will have access to water in this way, which will facilitate double or triple cropping.  

Following the successful implementation of CAVAC Phase I, Cardno is continuing to provide project management support, including financial management, logistical and administrative support, procurement and grants administration. Phase II is also launched a Knowledge Hub in 2018 to capture the lessons learned over many years and to generate data for research that is contributing to policy dialogue.