Calleya Residential Estate

This is the first project that demonstrated residential development could be safely undertaken on top of the Jandakot Water Mound allowing rezoning from Special Rural to Urban Residential Status.

The Calleya Residential Estate, covering 145-hectares in Treeby, south of Perth’s CBD, is one of Western Australia’s first major residential developments constructed on top of a designated drinking water source. The land is also encapsulated by significant remnant vegetation, is bisected by a major power easement requiring significant earthworks, and has adjacent upgraded roads that have been designed and constructed to provide safe entry and exit to the development.  

Cardno was commissioned to undertake detailed preliminary geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations for the site so it could be rezoned from ‘special rural’ to ‘urban residential’. A detailed groundwater assessment, monitoring and testing of the aquifer below the estate was then provided. 

Cardno prepared Local and District Water Management Strategies and Urban Water Management Plans, including XP-SWMM modelling to demonstrate how water would be managed on-site, feeding back into the earthworks and road design for the site. 

Aerial photo of before development of Calleya Residential Estate

Servicing reports were prepared and mains connections for sewer, water and power designed. Cardno also prepared a preliminary design for the Wastewater Pump Station and rising mains for the development, as well as design of all reticulated services – water, wastewater, drainage, power and telecommunications; including services layout, trench designs and clash detection. 

Significant cost savings were achieved through innovative methodology and optimisation of the Forward Earthworks and Detailed Earthworks design for compaction of loose fill and treatment of controlled fill. 

Cardno have produced engineering designs and provided construction superintendence for all stages and adjacent roads, including site inspections, quality assurance, management of variations and assessment of contractor payment claims.