Buzzards Bay Estuarine Oil Spill

Staff Performing NRDA Assessment and Clean up

Cardno provided comprehensive oil spill response and Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) services after a barge released 93,000 gallons of No. 6 fuel oil into the Atlantic Ocean and fouled 98 miles of coastline in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Cardno supported the response by providing Shoreline Clean-up and Assessment (SCAT) services, developing shoreline clean-up endpoints, designing emergency restoration, and implementing emergency restoration. Additional response support services included human health risk assessment, coordination of wildlife recovery efforts, and scientific monitoring.

Working on behalf of the Responsible Party, Cardno coordinated with federal and state agencies to assess impacts to recreational areas, injuries to shoreline habitats, and effects on wildlife including marine mammals, birds, finfish and shellfish. Because the spill affected internationally renowned recreational areas, and posed risks to several endangered species, these services received intense public and political scrutiny.

Finally, Cardno economists provided expert testimony and strategic support in matters related to claims of property diminution and commercial fishing losses arising from the spill.

Cardno’s strategic support, scientific sampling, study design, and damage assessment services produced a result which was environmentally beneficial and provided fair compensation to the public for impacted natural resource and recreational services. This was accomplished by an experienced staff of experts who worked closely with state and federal officials to reach technically based resolutions and a final settlement.

Cardno’s Spill Response Assessment Team

This team is comprised of highly trained technical personnel experienced in all aspects of spill response. Our experience includes responses to numerous oil and chemical spills worldwide. 

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