Building 8 Renovation and Modernization

Marine Barracks Washington  (a.k.a. 8th and I) conceptual design

Cardno is bringing a creative and considered approach to preserve and respect Building 8’s historical legacy, while also ensuring its reimagining is sustainable, well into the future.

Cardno developed the complete design-bid-build documents to modernize and transform the interior of the Command Headquarters Building at Marine Barracks Washington (MBW), DC – a nationally registered historic landmark.

The MBW Main Post is the oldest active post in the Marine Corp, sited in 1801 by President Thomas Jefferson and Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, the third commandant of the Marine Corps. It is our great honor to play an important role in preserving the legacy of Building 8, MBW Command Post. Originally constructed as a barracks in 1905, Building 8 has not undergone a comprehensive renovation in over half a century. The objective of this project is to transform this historic structure into a modern administrative headquarters through a comprehensive interior renovation.

To address the unique challenges surrounding this project, we’ve established a design team including specialists in architecture, interior design, planning, project management, energy modeling, hazardous materials survey, elevator design and cost estimating. Drawing on this expertise, we’ve developed integrated solutions to program the unique facility configuration into a functional state-of-the-art command center that reflects its prominence in the Marine Corps and the nation’s capital.

Our team is collaborating with Barracks and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Washington teams to develop a flexible, efficient and modern administrative space program and layout that strives to:

  • create a positive and collaborative working environment to significantly improve communication, flow and quality in the workplace
  • maximize the existing footprint to become a flexible, efficient and modern administrative space capable of meeting the future needs of the Command Post
  • address functional space deficiencies and provide a high-performance, sustainable and safe working environment for the next 50 years
  • recapture, and celebrate the historical value of the facility and the Main Post.

Designed to LEED Silver certification, our team is delivering a modern workplace environment that not only meets today’s needs, but will also be flexible enough to respond to inevitable future mission changes at MBW.