BUILDER SMS Implementation

Cardno staff members assessing building data for entry into BUILDER software application

Military and other federal organizations across the US and Canada are embracing knowledge-based real property asset management, and with Cardno’s support, are taking the steps necessary for success.

Data-driven, knowledge-based real property asset management is the ultimate goal of most organizations in today’s highly competitive operating environment. Military organizations are no exception – and for the past decade, Cardno has been actively supporting many of them in their efforts to implement knowledge-based asset management programs and practices.

Cardno is uniquely qualified in implementing the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS), a web-based SMS software application developed by ERDC’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL). The BUILDER™ system helps civil engineers, technicians and managers in sectors such as defense, decide when, where and how to best maintain building infrastructure and improve facility and asset management.

BUILDER™ delivers a common platform across the services to organize and store facility inventory and condition data. This facilitates condition assessment processes that provide total asset visibility to support knowledge-based real property asset management. BUILDER™ enabled processes produce results that are defendable, auditable, repeatable and transparent.

On BUILDER™ projects Cardno provides services including inventory/assessment, training of project team members, field quality control and data quality control using the proprietary electronic BUILDER™ Data Quality Management Tool. We also provide Space Utilization Surveys, in-depth property inventories, energy audits, construction, restoration and modernization.

The Cardno team has completed numerous BUILDER™ projects including:

  • various pilot BUILDER™ projects for both U.S. Army IMCOM and U.S. Army Reserves 
  • the initial and sustainment phases of enterprise-wide BUILDER™ for U.S. Marine Corps
  • BUILDER™ assessments for every phase of U.S. Air Force implementation, at Defense Health Agency installations, and at Defense Education Activity schools.

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