BUILDER SMS Implementation

Cardno staff members assessing building data for entry into BUILDER software application

Military and other federal organizations across the US and Canada are embracing knowledge-based real property asset management, and with Cardno’s support, are taking the steps necessary for success.

Data-driven, knowledge-based real property asset management is the ultimate goal of most organizations in today’s highly competitive operating environment. Military organizations are no exception – and for the past decade, Cardno has been actively supporting many of them in their efforts to implement knowledge-based asset management programs and practices.

Cardno is uniquely qualified in implementing the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS), a web-based SMS software application developed by ERDC’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL). The BUILDER™ system helps civil engineers, technicians and managers in sectors such as defense, decide when, where and how to best maintain building infrastructure and improve facility and asset management.

Map depicting Cardno BUILDER implementation projects across the globe.

BUILDER™ delivers a common platform across the services to organize and store facility inventory and condition data. This facilitates condition assessment processes that provide total asset visibility to support knowledge-based real property asset management. BUILDER™ enabled processes produce results that are defendable, auditable, repeatable and transparent.

On BUILDER™ projects Cardno provides services including inventory/assessment, training of project team members, field quality control and data quality control using the proprietary electronic BUILDER™ Data Quality Management Tool. We also provide Space Utilization Surveys, in-depth property inventories, energy audits, construction, restoration and modernization.

The Cardno team has completed numerous BUILDER™ projects including:

  • various pilot BUILDER™ projects for both U.S. Army IMCOM and U.S. Army Reserves 
  • the initial and sustainment phases of enterprise-wide BUILDER™ for U.S. Marine Corps
  • BUILDER™ assessments for every phase of U.S. Air Force implementation, at Defense Health Agency installations, and at Defense Education Activity schools.

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