BUILDER Basic Course Development and Training

Cardno staff member enters data into the BUILDER software application

Cardno is training IMCOM students to use BUILDER™ to help with both the daily tasks of facility management, as well as future planning informed by sound investment strategies, prioritization criteria, and budget constraints.

Headquarters, United States Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) engaged Cardno to develop a basic course and provide instruction to 60 IMCOM personnel in the application and use of the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS).  

BUILDER™ is a web-based SMS software application to help facility managers and owners decide when, where, and how to make facility system investments in order to sustain their building infrastructure. Cardno is proud to help clients develop BUILDER™ implementation programs, develop and implement training programs, and provide the software.  

Our team delivered two iterations of the course to IMCOM personnel at the IMCOM DPW Academy, located on Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. We provided all personnel (including subject-matter experts), equipment, supplies, tools, materials, and supervision for the course development, preparation, and instruction.  

Our team also developed a Program of Instruction (POI), a student manual, and all related documentation and presentations to cover the basic concepts of BUILDER™ SMS for facilities to prepare students to conduct validation and assessment of facilities utilizing BUILDER™.  

Our training provided students with an understanding of the overall function of BUILDER™ SMS, and included hands-on inventory validation and assessment of facilities utilizing hand-held computing devices and the BUILDER™ Remote Entry Database (BRED) program. Cardno provided students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the analysis and forecasting content of BUILDER™ to help students understand how to leverage BUILDER™ for their specific installation needs. 

The POI presents a comprehensive picture of the overall performance of building assets and their key components. With information about inventory, condition, and remaining service life, BUILDER™ helps IMCOM personnel with their daily tasks of facility management and facility sustainability. It also helps with the development of short and long-range work plans based on sound investment strategies, prioritization criteria, and budget constraints. 

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