Broadlands Wind Project

Wind Energy Turbines

Cardno is performing full environmental services – including biological and cultural resource assessments – for federal, state, and local permitting to help move multiple renewable energy projects toward completion.

Specific services for this large renewable energy client will include the environmental review of proposed energy infrastructure.

To date, staff have researched reference maps to aid in the identification of potential jurisdictional waterways along the project right of ways and conducted on-site wetland delineations, collecting and cataloging important data dealing with wetlands and waterbodies within the 14,000-acre footprint.

Wind Energy Turbines

Cultural resource experts at Cardno have also begun surveying the proposed project site as part of the required archaeological investigation. These investigations seek sites of significance related to prehistoric or historic-era resources.

Cardno’s experts will assist the project’s momentum by fostering its experience and relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, including the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Additional stakeholder outreach will include local advocacy organizations in the community and the public at large.

Over the life of the project, Cardno’s team will assist in overcoming any routing and permitting obstacles or challenges requiring corrective measures, avoiding additional expenses and time commitments.