Boulevard of the Arts Shoreline, Sarasota

Sarasota Shoreline at sunset

Cardno is providing assessment and preliminary design services to repair existing shoreline protection located adjacent to the Boulevard of the Arts in Sarasota, FL.

The scope of work includes, developing alternatives to address the existing damaged/deteriorating seawall and associated erosion based on cost, constructability, serviceability, and an assessment of rip-rap protections as well as a detailed habitat assessment.

The habitat assessment will cover the ecological conditions within the project limits to identify any natural or man-made terrestrial and aquatic resources.

This review will include the use of an in-water survey to identify locations of specific interest (obvious vegetation, shoals, wildlife, etc.). The review will observe and record the presence of aquatic resources including seagrasses and other submerged aquatic vegetation; emergent vegetation (mangroves); native shoreline (riparian) vegetation; mudflats; oyster beds; hard bottom, sponges, etc.; man-made materials serving as aquatic habitat (e.g., rip-rap, concrete pilings, etc.); listed wildlife, including manatees, dolphins, and selected shorebirds; and non-listed fish and wildlife which appear to be common or abundant in the project area.

In addition, an assessment of the existing seawall will be conducted to identify deficiencies and issues. Repair/replacement options will be evaluated and the constructability of alternatives will be validated