Borroloola Treatment Plant

Borroloola is a small town of fewer than 1000 people on the Gulf of Carpentaria and is approximately an eight-hour drive from the nearest major town. Its water supply system uses groundwater which tends to be corrosive and impacts supply infrastructure.

To address water quality issues, reduce infrastructure corrosion and ensure safe drinking water supply, Power and Water Corporation undertook infrastructure upgrades and constructed a new water treatment plant (WTP).

To overcome the geographical, climatic and logistical challenges associated with constructing a complex asset in a remote location, the new plant was delivered through a containerised solution. Cardno prepared the civil and structural design on behalf of Suez and Goodline, the contractors engaged by Power and Water to undertake the design and construction of the WTP. 

Cardno designed the concrete foundation slabs, footings and hold down arrangements constructed in Stage 1 of the delivery. This would then accommodate the Stage 2 installation of the system components upon dispatch from the Darwin yard, where they were assembled, connected and pre-tested. All modules were structurally designed and constructed to withstand the highest classification in tropical cyclones.