Blue Heron Slough Conservation and Mitigation Bank Project

Excavator moving dirt at construction site

Cardno managed the design, engineering, certification, permitting, and construction management services for the Northwest’s first conservation bank.

The project included a 364-acre estuary restoration site certified by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for 10,200 Chinook salmon credits under the Endangered Species Act. In addition, the project was reviewed for 240 wetland mitigation credits under the Clean Water Act.

Project development included:

  • boundary and topographic surveys
  • plant elevation surveys
  • hydraulic modeling in 2-D
  • wetland delineation
  • conceptual design
  • biological opinion (written by NMFS)
  • salmon credit calculation and negotiation
  • planting plan
  • geotechnical report
  • scour analysis
  • 13 federal, state and local permits
  • archaeological investigation
  • construction management

Moving from concept to construction in 18 months, the project involved 600,000 cubic yards of excavation and fill and mitigated the Port of Everett’s full long-term plan, while still having 60 percent of the credits created available for sale to third parties.

The bank’s location is ideal for restoring, enhancing, and protecting the wetland functions that can be sustained over time as the area was formerly a connected and functioning portion of the Snohomish Estuary.

View this recent drone video for a full look at the project.