Billings Refinery Remediation

Billings refinery remediation during drilling operations

Due to the presence of hazardous waste, this site is in the corrective measures implementation phase of facility-wide corrective action.

Cardno has maintained progress on the hazardous waste permit by fostering relationships between involved parties and completing and coordinating review of the Corrective Measures Implementation Work Plan.

To install groundwater pumping systems, Cardno tested drilling techniques and took extra precautions during drilling to allow refinery operations to continue uninterrupted.

Cardno operates the systems to remove hydrocarbons and non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) and installed an air sparge system to remove petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater while protecting harmful concentrations of benzene from entering the adjacent Yellowstone River.

Cardno assisted a client in the implementation phase of a facility-wide corrective action due to petroleum hydrocarbons found in solid and groundwater near the Yellowstone River.