Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST)

Happy children are all smiles for a classroom photo at their school in the Philippines

Cardno brings our proven ability to manage complex programs in fluid operational environments, and skilled people who are building relationships that will transform the way education is delivered in the Philippines.

Cardno is managing the Australian Government’s BEST program to help create a more inclusive approach to the education of children in the Philippines.  

BEST supports the Government of the Philippines to improve its education system, with the long-term goal of producing a workforce that will allow the Philippines to compete more effectively in the regional and global economies. 

A major reform that supports this goal is the ‘K to 12’ education reform agenda, which adds three years of mandatory schooling to bring the Philippines education system in line with ASEAN and international standards. BEST assistance has supported the Department of Education in undergoing this fundamental change to the Filipino education system.  

Cardno is managing BEST by working hand-in-hand with the Government of the Philippines to meet its goals of improving the quality of, and access to, basic education in the Philippines, and the delivery of education services to the community. 

Under Cardno’s leadership, by 2018-19 BEST aims to:  

  • encourage more boys and girls to engage in and complete basic education in target areas 
  • increase the number of children who can demonstrate improved mastery of curriculum competencies in English, Maths and Science 
  • improve education services to be more gender responsive, inclusive and with greater decentralisation of management and accountability to field offices

Our team provides technical assistance to help the Philippines to develop new curriculum, assessment methods and materials, to train for new teachers, and to provide quality professional development for existing teachers. Technical specialists are also supporting the development of policies and strategies to ensure that education is accessible for both girls and boys and for children with disabilities, and is relevant to children from indigenous and minority communities. 

Another stream of support we provide works on education management improvements, including to school-based management. BEST has provided significant assistance to the Department of Education to enhance its management information system, allowing the Department to better serve the needs of the whole school community.