Bank of America – Land Development and Civil Engineering

Front of bank of America Branch with ADA compliant walkways.

Cardno provides integrated land development services for more than 40 Bank of America sites, bringing them to compliance with current ADA requirements.

For the last two years, Cardno has been working with Gensler Architects to bring approximately 40 existing Bank of America sites to compliance with current ADA requirements throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Services provided included surveying and civil engineering. Topographic surveys were performed to assess compliance and used as a basis of design. Civil engineers designed compliant parking stalls along with compliant routes to the existing entry doors, exterior ATM’s, night drops and the adjoining public right of way.

In addition, the Cardno team is providing civil engineering, land use planning and landscape architecture services for a new Bank of America bank located in Beaverton, Oregon.

Based on conceptual site plans provided by the architects, Cardno provided the design and permitting plans that included the mass grading, parking lot improvements, utility services, and drainage systems on the 0.90 acre site. Drainage is collected with a series of pipes and inlets and diverted to a proposed on-site detention/water quality facility. Utility connections were being made in the adjacent public street.