Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2

The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 (AIPJ2) is a five-year facility that is strengthening Indonesia's justice and security sector and contributing to the stability and prosperity of the country and region.

Working on a successful partnership model from phase one (2011 - 2016), also under Cardno management, AIPJ2 continues to engage government institutions and civil society organisations to leverage existing Indonesian capabilities and resources in support of key reforms in the justice and security sector. The key reform issues are mutual strategic priorities to the Governments of Indonesia and Australia, and are fundamental governance challenges for Indonesian society.

Key reform areas cover:

  • strengthening human rights
  • supporting justice reform and the rule of law
  • access to justice for women, girls and people with disabilities
  • corruption prevention
  • corrections reform
  • preventing violent extremism
  • preventing transnational crime

AIPJ2 approaches these sensitive issues in strategic ways to gain traction through a combination of strong relationships with Indonesian state institutions, effective partnerships with robust civil society organisations, selection of issues with sufficient local ownership and flexible and responsive support. A key factor enabling AIPJ2’s effectiveness is the openness and willingness of Indonesian government and civil society organisations to work together on areas of reform where shared interests exist. Most of AIPJ2’s civil society partners are organisationally quite well-developed, but the funding and platforms provided by AIPJ2 helps to amplify their advocacy and research.

AIPJ2 also facilitates bilateral partnerships between key judicial institutions, for example those between the Indonesia Supreme Court and both the Family Court of Australia and Federal Court of Australia. These partnerships enable peer-to-peer cooperation and exchanges of ideas and best practises to advance policy reform agendas.

The Partnership has created significant innovations in practises - from community social cohesion festivals, law and justice donor coordination platforms, and developing and facilitating the growth of online knowledge platforms for communities to share knowledge and good practices. AIPJ2 has established 4 Knowledge Hubs (K-Hubs) for Preventing Violent Extremism, Anti-Corruption, Law and Security and Judicial Reform communities.