Asset Life Cycle Management Program

Albemarle County Courthouse, Albemarle County, VA

For Albemarle County, Virginia, (Albemarle) the need to begin an Asset Life Cycle Management program with software capable of handling the existing facilities as well as the anticipated growth of the portfolio, made Cardno and Paragon, a web-based capital asset planning and management tool, a perfect match.

Cardno is assisting Albemarle to manage buildings within the county portfolio, including County Office buildings, Courthouses, jail facilities, firehouses, and an elementary school.Once Cardno had Paragon up and running, Cardno trained Albemarle personnel to add new facilities, modify the existing data, and create reports including inventory, deficiencies, and maintenance action plans. Supporting facility documents including floor plans, project documents, and Operation & Maintenance Manuals were loaded into Paragon and associated with the appropriate building. These are accessible to all designated users via Albemarle’s Paragon’s portal.

Facility data, or inventory, allows Albemarle to track, manage, and maintain building elements and equipment. Details such as serial numbers, model/make, specific location, installation date, presence of hazardous material, and overall condition can all be monitored through Paragon. Initial deficiencies for Albemarle’s assets were identified through site assessments then loaded into Paragon. Individual deficiencies included a severity score that assisted in the recommended prioritization of the deficiencies.

Albemarle County utilized the Maintenance Action Plan report to rank the deficiencies based on severity and schedules the year for execution based on a user provided timeframe (e.g. 5 year plan). Future maintenance and recapitalization budgets can be generated with the forecasting module, looking forward 10, 15, 20, 25+ years for planning purposes.

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