Anchorage Park

People biking on path in Anchorage Park, a remediated Brownfields site

Cardno’s work to develop the Master plan and oversee the assessment and remediation of the Anchorage Park former brownfield site resulted in its transformation into one of the premier waterfront parks on the east coast of Florida.

Anchorage Park in North Palm Beach, Florida, was a mixed-use site predominantly occupied by an out-of-service wastewater treatment plant, water tower, dredge material piles, and boat and RV parking.  

Cardno was engaged by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council as the Brownfields consultant to oversee the site’s assessment and remediation for development into much-needed community recreation space.  

With funding coming from five different agency grants, Cardno brought a flexible working style and critical organizational skills to the project.  

Our team provided site assessment and remediation services to the project, including: 

  • Phase I and Phase II assessments 
  • quality assurance and programmatic support 
  • lead and asbestos surveys 
  • tank closure 
  • petroleum contaminated sludge removal. 

We subsequently attained additional funding for the project through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Funds, expanding our work to master planning the park, public relations, design, permitting and construction management.  

The Cardno team worked to incorporate public feedback into the design process, and after thoroughly evaluating many site alternatives, developed a master plan for the entire park with a phased assessment approach to match available funds.