Anadarko Parking Garage

Anadarko parking garage from outside at ground level

Cardno conducted a condition survey and repair design for a 929,000 sf precast parking structure.

The scope of work included a structural review of the parking garage at 1201 Lake Robbins Drive in The Woodlands, to observe the visible elements for evidence of apparent structural distress and deterioration and provided repair recommendations.

This 10-level parking garage was constructed around 2000. The elevated levels of the garage are constructed of precast concrete double tees with a concrete topping, supported by precast concrete beams, panels and columns. The Lower parking level is a concrete slab on compacted fill or native soil.

Items observed relate to embedded steel corrosion at areas of low cover, minor concrete spalling issues of the double tees, and corrosion of the steel attachments between the components of the parking structure. These items were not severe structural problems at the time of the review, but if left unaddressed, these items could lead to additional deterioration over time.

The stems of some of the double tees on the upper two levels on the south side of the garage were damaged at the bearing locations. Cardno recommended further investigation and/or repair of these locations as the structural capacity of these double tees may have been reduced by the damage.