Affordable housing community in Culver, Indiana

Cardno assisted in the landscaping design and development of an affordable housing community designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cardno designed and installed a series of green infrastructure features at The Paddocks – a lower income housing development in Culver, Indiana. The project adheres to National Green Building Standards for apartments, which encompasses energy efficiency, water conservation, lot development, and indoor air quality.

The development addresses much needed lower-income housing in the community and made progress on two additional community goals: place more children in area schools, and increase the community’s workforce. The site’s developer is building two similar projects elsewhere in Marshall County (Ind.) and is asking Cardno to provide similar services.

Cardno’s Native Plant Nursery provided the native and custom seed mix to develop a pollinator prairie landscape on the south side of the property. This green infrastructure project featured a focus on social equity, access, self-sufficiency, and sustainability wherever possible.

Additional features include:

  • A pollinator basin and stormwater basin, each blanketed and seeded with native pollinator seed from the Cardno Native Plant Nursery
  • A low-mow fescue in areas further from the buildings
  • A community play area using truck tires destined for landfills
  • Two pocket rain gardens created in which downspout water was redirected to each
  • Pavers used to create the community garden, fire pit, and barbeque areas from existing stockpiles (leftover from other projects, also destined for landfills)
  • A half dozen installed bluebird houses
  • More than 75 native tree and shrubs installed, a majority of which are protected from deer by fencing. Several American Plum trees were planted, which should bear fruit for the residents or deer.
  • Educational signage installed throughout the site. Additional educational information was provided to the site developer for use with community stakeholders.

Cardno was invited to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the lieutenant governor of Indiana, the side developer, and local dignitaries in July 2021.