Additional Support of Development of District Roads Management System

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Cardno UK’s Technical Practice, Cardno IT Transport, have been contracted by the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA) to provide them with Additional Support in the improvement of the District Roads Management System (DROMAS).

DROMAS was built using free open source software during implementation of another Cardno programme that ended in late 2018. This was the UK Aid funded, Improving Rural Access Tanzania (IRAT). The system effectively maps and details expansive road networks, using engineering data input. The development of DROMAS was one of the main capacity building components of the IRAT programme, albeit separate from its main initiatives. 

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The massive online system was developed and rolled out in 184 Councils in Tanzania. However, the process was not fully completed and a number of challenges in the use, maintenance and further development emerged, as well as visions of improvement. Accordingly, TARURA sought support from the Department of International Development (DFID) for the extension of technical assistance to further streamline the system.
The objective of this project is to provide additional support to TARURA in improving their competence and capacity to use, manage, maintain and further develop DROMAS independently.
The Project is broken down into 2 phases:

Inception phase

  • To identify and agree all areas where the DROMAS system requires enhancement or improved functionality.
  • To organize a training schedule in all identified areas to ensure that new and existing users are trained and able to work with DROMAS.
  • To ensure that staff responsible for managing, maintaining and development of DROMAS have the requisite skills and are able to apply them through capacity building.
  • To develop and agree a plan of works including appropriate targets/milestones.

Implementation Phase

  • Train designated TARURA IT System Programmers and System Managers on all the integral components of DROMAS,
  • Optimise and maintain the system,
  • Develop a road map for the transfer of DROMAS from developer to TARURA including hand-over of the system source code and training of trainers for both the programme writing and the usage,
  • Explore any further upgrade requirements requested by TARURA without fundamental distortion to the operations of the system,
  • Provide a final project report, detailing all activities.
DROMAS was designed and field tested in Tanzania with notable success. TARURA’s desire to perfect the system is a testimony to its value and efficacy. Other east African countries are looking into similar models to implement, having recognised and appreciated the precedent set by Cardno.


DROMAS computer system screenshot with menus

Example of DROMAS in use