24-Hour Emergency Room Site Redevelopment – Brownfields to Healthfields

24-Hour Emergency Room Site Redevelopment – Brownfields to Healthfields

Cardno assisted with the cleanup and redevelopment of a former 7-acre illicit dump site and truck stop, preparing it to become the home for a 24-hour emergency room facility and medical office building.

The proposed site included large quantities of solid waste and a large volume of soils impacted with pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and arsenic. To help make the impacted site feasible for redevelopment, Cardno performed soil and groundwater assessments and reviewed historical soil, groundwater, and test pit data with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

Cardno prepared an Excavation and Disposal Management Plan (EDMP) offering a systematic approach to excavating, handling, screening, sampling, and disposing of debris and soil. Later, the team prepared a modified cleanup plan to allow conditional site closure using institutional controls.

Remediation Summary:

  • Site preparation
  • Nearly 70,000 cubic yards (cy) of debris and contaminated soil power screened to separate waste from potentially reusable screened material (SSW)
  • Nearly 10,000 tons of contaminated soil and SSW disposed in a landfill
  • More than 13,000 cy of concrete (663 dump truck loads) exported for recycling
  • Nearly 1,800 tons of unsuitable materials (tires, metal, wood, etc.) exported to approved disposal or recycling facilities

Final soil and groundwater sampling confirmed that remediation goals were achieved. The seven-acre site is currently being developed as an 18,400-square foot, 24-bed emergency department with a separate medical office building. The facility will provide much needed medical services to the community and generate an estimated 40 full-time positions.

Cardno is recognized as a national leader in supporting Brownfields to Healthfields (B2H) initiatives. Cardno has led and helped foster a broad range of successful healthfields redevelopment projects focusing on improving access to health and healthcare through brownfields redevelopment, resources, strategies, and concepts especially within underserved communities.

Cardno has a proven track record in B2H projects using multiple EPA Brownfields Grant Funding and a broad range of other funding sources. These B2H projects have included

  • Development of multiple Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Open-space/green space/recreation projects
  • Healthy attainable housing
  • Healthy food access projects including community gardens, farmers markets and critically needed grocery stores and
  • Additional B2H projects designed to improve the overall health of the surrounding community. 

Cardno is focused on creating a more sustainable future – including sustainable communities – for all and making a difference in a socially responsible manner.