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White paper explores protecting health and safety of part-time and temporary workers

Cardno ChemRisk scientists publish white paper reviewing how sports arenas and other large event venues can help ensure the equitable health and safety protections of part-time and temporary workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The white paper reviews the unique health disparity considerations of part-time and temporary employees, including social vulnerability, limited or lack of medical coverage, and language barriers.

 The authors then outline the most meaningful solutions to promote health equity for these workers in large venue, focusing on preventative measures, testing programs, vaccinations, and sick leave.

The paper concludes with a summary of the unique opportunities large events have to protect and lead in promoting health equity of part-time and temporary workers.


“Temporary and part-time workers face a variety of inequities that can worsen health and safety concerns, particularly at large venues. Our paper takes a close look at these concerns and focuses on specific recommendations that can reduce the risk of workplace illness for these workers.” — Tony Cappello, PhD

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