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Welcome risk assessment expert Dr. Antony Jones, PhD

Cardno is pleased to announce that Dr. Antony Jones, PhD, has joined the firm as a Senior Managing Health Scientist in the company’s Aliso Viejo, CA, USA office. With more than 18 years of health science experience, Dr. Jones has a broad background in microbial risk assessments, food safety, contaminant biodegradation, site assessment, and industrial hygiene.

Dr. Jones has evaluated regulatory compliance issues associated with USEPA TSCA MCAN, USEPA FIFRA antimicrobial pesticide registration, FDA GRAS submittals and BMP/GMP food safety-related compliance. His research interests have focused on the characterization and assessment of microorganisms, the identification of sources of microbial pathogens, and the expression of contaminant degradation pathways.

Dr. Jones is a member of the American Society of Microbiology, American Industrial Hygiene Association, and the Royal Society of Biology and is the Chair of Sustain SoCal, a trade organization promoting sustainability and economic growth.

“Dr. Jones brings unique expertise, experience, and talent to our risk assessment group,” said Senior Principal Health Scientist, Amy Madl. “His comprehensive background in microbial risk assessment will provide our clients with the needed expertise to address complex issues of occupational, consumer product, environmental, food, and pharmaceutical related exposures.”

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Antony Jones, PhD
Senior Managing Health Scientist

Nancy Cline
Director Client Marketing & Communications
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