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Welcome Alan Boreland, Transport Senior Design Manager ACT

Alan Boreland Transport Senior Designer ACT

Alan Boreland, Transport Senior Design Manager ACT, is a Canberra local, and transport infrastructure specialist. Alan’s astute knowledge of the region and his professional field of expertise has embedded the credence that large infrastructure projects such as roads and light rail, and smaller works such as shared paths and safe pedestrian access, are collectively vital to the betterment of the lives of the people in our community.

Alan’s personal drive and passion to understand how things work, and how they could work better, facilitates his capability to deliver meaningful projects. He finds assurance in knowing that his friends and family can thrive safely and more conveniently by utilising his creations (whether they realise it or not).

The commitment and progressive vision of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to support and deliver mode change projects mean that travelling to work by alternate avenues is a real and viable solution for every member of the community.

"This city of ours is amazing! In no other Australian city can people commute safety to their CBD workplaces from their homes in suburbia entirely via 2.5M-wide shared-use pathways."

Alan has spent the last three years in a Civil Lead role on the Canberra Light Rail Stage 1 project and has recently finished work on the Stage 2A tender design in that same role. He has delivered transport infrastructure in the region for the past 14 years, and a testament to his work and dedication - it would be difficult to travel anywhere in Canberra without using a piece of infrastructure that he has been involved in delivering. Of his numerous project experiences, Alan expressed: “I am most proud of successfully delivering the award-winning Constitution Avenue upgrade project, and seeing the Canberra Light Rail Stage 1 through from the tender design, to testing and commissioning”.

Alan is a Fellow with the Institute of Engineers and a Chartered Civil Engineer specialising in civil road design and project management. He is currently actively engaged in the Civil and Structural committee with Engineers Australia and supports the development of local young engineers at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Canberra, where he shares his professional experiences and expertise with the final year students twice a year.

We are thrilled to have Alan join our team in the new Canberra office, which befittingly is located on the much-celebrated Constitution Avenue. MORE about our new office here...

For more information and a quality conversation with the Canberra team, contact:

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Business Leader Canberra
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