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Utility engineering and surveying expert Jim Anspach addresses uncertainties of underground utilities projects

​Cardno Director and American Society of Civil Engineering’s (ASCE) / Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute President, Jim Anspach has written a series of articles for the Underground Construction Magazine.

The articles provide insight into the uncertainty and mitigation of risks associated with infrastructure projects. Jim is considered a leading expert on utility engineering and surveying (UES), and he is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

The four-part series will outline the risks of modern underground utility infrastructure construction and redevelopment work and how stakeholders on these projects can work together using industry standards to reduce and address uncertainties.

“These articles will tie together the uncertainties of underground utilities, geotechnical conditions, other subsurface structures, and contractual mechanisms for managing project risks due to underground uncertainties,” said Jim Anspach.

Jim is the technical practice lead for Cardno’s UES Practice. He is also the President of the ASCE Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute 2018, incoming Chair for the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee, and the Chair (emeritus) of the ASCE Codes and Standards Board Committee.

The first of four articles is available online, click here to read the first article, The Uncertainty of Working Underground.

For further information:

Jim Anspach
Director, Utility Market & Practice Development
Phone: +1-503-419-2500

Nancy Cline
Director Client Marketing & Communications
Phone: +1-813-664-4500

Photo of Jim Anspach

Jim Anspach, Director, Utility Market & Practice Development.