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Transporting Townsville: Niche services create safer and smarter transport infrastructure

Townsville is a growing city. Year upon year, many Australians from southern states and regions are making a change to a tropical way of life. Over our 50 plus years of operation in Townsville, we have observed these movements and played a significant role in supporting the region’s growth.

The Townsville Cardno team have developed a range of purposeful infrastructure projects that provide a sustainable platform to meet the demands of the growing population and provide safe transport networks for the local community.

Led by Project Manager, Mark Marczak, we are proud to continue servicing the area we also call home. By partnering our specialised traffic and transport services and extensive local experience with the future-focused goals of local and state government clients, our projects are making a tangible difference to the local community.

Regionally, the Townsville traffic and transport team have delivered safety and traffic improvements, signal, lighting and ITS infrastructure upgrades across the region, providing the communities with modern transport networks. These services enable the development of networks which allow communities to get home safely, while also supporting local industry such as tourism and agriculture, which play a massive role in the region and states economy.

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With the influx of new residents and the changing trend of how people commute from A to B, active transport is becoming a crucial transport network of any town and city. Our local Townsville office has significant project experience in generating pragmatic active transport solutions, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to commute in an active and safe way, improving greater health outcomes as they enjoy the tropical climate.

The year-round tropical climate is a huge drawcard, though this warm weather can also cause significant environmental and infrastructure damage. In recent years, Townville, and much of North Queensland have experienced numerous natural disasters that have caused substantial damage to local communities and their transport networks.

Recovering from these events is a community effort, and you will always find us with our sleeves rolled up working with many local, State and Federal governments to formulate and deliver the recovery works required to get our neighbours and communities back on their feet. Our local team’s extensive understanding of the area provides us with a unique insight into each community, and the services they need to rebuild and improve transport infrastructure post-disaster.

We’re proud of being a significant part of the Townsville community and story, and we aim to continue to support the region through our local teams in our local office to create safer roads for all.

For more information contact:

Mark Marczak
Project Manager
Phone: (07) 4772 7949

Brendan Melita
Branch Manager - Townsville
Phone: (07) 4772 7040

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