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Top of the Class: Samuel Beckham awarded RMIT Kernot Medal

Congratulations to Samuel Beckham, awarded the RMIT Kernot Medal for the best student in his final year of an undergraduate engineering program, based on scholarship, leadership, initiative and engineering outlook.

Distinguished Professor Adrian Mouritz, Dean, School of Engineering, RMIT University with Samuel at the ceremonial event

"I’m extremely grateful to be chosen for the RMIT Kernot Medal.  It's the perfect ending for what’s felt like a long journey to complete my engineering certification," says Sam.

Samuel commenced his engineering journey as a mature-age student after working in the manufacturing industry.  Realising he needed a change, Samuel sought to commence his tertiary education in finance but the engineer in Samuel was ignited after attending a wind tunnel inspection.

"I started as a TAFE student and articulated into the Bachelor of Civil Engineering at RMIT, and I also deferred my degree to gain work experience. I’ve been presented with several challenges, but I am appreciative for the lessons I have learnt along the way," adds Sam.

With his interest firmly in civil engineering design, Sam chose Cardno, now Stantec for the next chapter of his career in 2019 as an undergraduate engineer,

A proud moment - Samuel with his parents, Cathy and James

Now with a couple of years of experience under his belt, Sam is passionate about expanding his technical, civil engineering, and managerial skills. Proficient in Autodesk, MicroStation, and 12D, he is building a solid base towards a project manager role for major infrastructure projects. 

A natural motivator of people, Sam is also the current and inaugural chair of the Victorian branch of the Young Professionals Group and has volunteered extensively for Engineers Australia.

"I feel that the support I have received from the company and my team plus my volunteering experience with Engineers Australia has prepared me well to adapt to industry challenges. I aim to continue my role with the Young Professionals Group so I can pass knowledge and support to our developing professionals," adds Sam.

"Samuel Beckham, aka Sam is one of our brightest young professionals in the business.

His work ethics, attention to detail, eagerness to learn and interpersonal skills are admirable. He has a natural instinct to bring in new ideas and work collaboratively with the team. He has all the potential to be one of our future leaders. We are all proud of him for his hard work and commitment to the business. We congratulate him for receiving this high-profile award and wish Sam all the success in his career.” says Soumendra Paul, Transport Business Leader.

Soumendra Paul with Samuel Beckham

With Cardno integrating into Stantec, Sam is looking forward to the opportunities around the corner with focus on sustainability and ESG.

"My vision for the future is to lead sustainable infrastructure development and enable opportunities in the engineering industry for underrepresented social groups". adds Sam.

Samuel Beckham is a Civil Engineer in the Victorian Transportation Infrastructure Team.  Read more about our Transportation Projects.