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Thomas Nogaj appointed Senior Principal

Thomas Nogaj, PHD, PE, Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Practice Group Manager, and newly appointed Senior Principal has over 30 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering. He has experience implementing and managing water and wastewater design and construction projects, including facility planning of water supply and wastewater systems, design of Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Facilities, and using advanced computerized simulator models for nutrient removal.

“My experience is very diverse. I have managed projects from water distribution and wastewater collection systems to advanced wastewater treatment that provide innovative solutions that match our client’s needs by, enhancing performance, reducing project costs, and improving reliability and ease of operation.”

Thomas also has project experience in maintenance management systems and custom software development. His research focuses on the “Mathematical Modeling of Carbon Removal in the A-State Activated Sludge System.” This research developed a mathematical computer model that effectively analyzes the biochemical transformations that occur in an A-stage type activated sludge system, i.e. low solids residence time, low hydraulic retention time and no measurable dissolved oxygen.

He recently co-authored an article in New Biotechnology titled “Soluble substrate removal determination through intracellular storage in high-rate activated sludge systems using stoichiometric mass balance approach.”

Thomas Nogaj, PhD, P.E., Senior Principal, Water / Wastewater engineering

Thomas Nogaj, PhD, P.E., Senior Principal, Water / Wastewater engineering

Notable projects he has worked on include multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant expansions throughout the United States and wastewater treatment plant improvements.

“I am excited to be currently working on a project that involves the design of an innovative step-feed nutrient removal process for our client. This innovative solution will save our client 40 to 50 percent in capital cost, lifecycle cost, power consumption and concrete required to implement the project in comparison to the previously planned nutrient removal process.”

Thomas’s role as Senior Principal will see him continue to implement and manage water and wastewater designs for clients across the country, helping clients enhance performance, reduce power consumption and increase biogas production as a renewable energy source.