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Steven Bartell appointed Senior Principal

Many believe that technology and science can solve most of the challenges facing society in the 21st century, including climate change. Technical Director and recently appointed Senior Principal Steven Bartell not only believes it – he is working toward helping find solutions.

“Society is facing major challenges, and I intend to leverage my capabilities and those of my colleagues to help address them.”

Steven’s extensive experience includes quantitative ecosystem analysis and ecological modeling. He has applied these skills in assessing ecological risks posed by a variety of stressors, including climate change.

Quantitative ecosystem analysis and ecological modeling expert

Steven Bartell, Senior Principal, Ecological / Environmental Modeling

His work has also included the development of linked hydrological and ecological models to project the ecological risks and benefits anticipated for ecosystem management and restoration activities.

A good example of this kind of work is the application of his comprehensive aquatic systems model (CASM) to assess ecological risks posed by pesticides to non-target endangered species. This model was used in support of a client’s efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of it’s agricultural chemical products.

“Modeling can provide insight and lead to impactful solutions, such as the mitigation of human and ecological impacts of climate change and the evaluation of alternative energy technologies in implementing a low-carbon economy.”

For Steven, building solutions is not a concept but a reality, and it’s one he looks forward to tackling daily.