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Solidifying ports presences in Asia Pacific

The Cardno, now Stantec Ports and Maritime team have an established history of providing specialist engineering services in port planning and maritime infrastructure design throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Cardno, now Stantec is a leading firm with experience in major capital city ports and smaller regional ports. A common element in Cardno now Stantec Ports and Maritime team is the integration of shipping, port planning, operations, supply chain, land use, environmental, access and policy needs in the context of a sound understanding of the commercial imperatives of running successful port businesses. This skill set is complemented with the team’s expertise in the design of maritime infrastructure, dredging, coastal infrastructure, and the team’s experience in providing engineering services from project inception to construction. The team’s flexibility is supplemented by Cardno now Stantec’s in-house engineering disciplines including, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, environmental services, mechanical and electrical engineering and asset management, that are readily accessible to service clients in Australia, the Pacific and beyond.

Cardno now Stanec’s Ports and Maritime team is proud of its reputation for innovative marine solutions to meet challenging site conditions and project requirements.

Headshot of Cristian Alfred

To further bolster our ports and maritime presence in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, we’re delighted to welcome Cristian Alfred as Ports and Maritime Team Leader. Cristian is an experienced Ports and Maritime structures engineer with over 22 years of experience.

He has worked on projects in Australia, and the Asia Pacific region and he will reinforce the Ports and Maritime specialist team to deliver innovative solutions and achieve project delivery success throughout APAC.

“I’m excited to join the Cardno, now Stantec team and look forward to contributing to the complex and multi-disciplinary projects we are delivering in Australia and APAC. Our Ports and Maritime team is a diverse and talented group of engineers who I look forward to working with, and providing with guidance to develop and implement innovative solutions.”

Industry Partnership

In addition to providing ports and maritime services around the APAC region our team are heavily involved in the industry as a whole.

Scott Keane, Industry Director – Ports and Maritime has served on the Board of PIANC (The World Associations for Water Borne Infrastructure) Australia/New Zealand for 14 years and is the national section representative for the Maritime Navigation Commission (MarCom).

PIANC is the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure and is the forum where waterborne transportation professionals from around the world join forces. PIANC experts provide advice on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructure to facilitate the growth of waterborne transport. PIANC brings together the most respected international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues that impact waterborne transport infrastructure.

As well as holding these roles, Scott also acts as the mentor for two of PIANC MarCom’s Working Groups (WGs), WG238 and WG240.


The purpose of the WGs is to bring together participants who have expertise in specific areas that gather, analyse and consolidate, international, state-of-the-art, best practices material to provide evidence-based guidance to the industry.

Other members of our team are also heavily involved in two of the WGs: WG238 – BIM for Maritime Projects and WG240 – Guidance for Ports in Small Island Countries.

Following his appointment to the PIANC WG238 and leadership shown in this position, Enrique Campos, Digital Design Manager, delighted board members with his expert BIM knowledge, was invited and has accepted the role of Chair for the working group. The WG238 works to create and implement standardised guidelines for using BIM modelling in ports and waterways infrastructure. As Chairperson, Enrique is responsible for leading the Working Group to ensure tasks are completed within given timeframes and ensuring the commission is kept up to date and informed on the progress of the Working Group.

Cristian Alfred is a member of WG240 and is working with this Working Group to provide a guidance document that is specific to the needs of small island ports, covering best practice port planning, design and construction, efficiency and safety in port and terminal operations, environmental safeguards, implementation of sustainable technologies, and natural hazard response planning.

Scott and Cristian have worked extensively throughout the Pacific in particular but also in other places where the WG240 is relevant.

The work that Scott and Cristian do, together with others around the company, will contribute to safe, efficient and resilient infrastructure for Pacific island country ports and beyond.

Key Projects

For more information contact:

Cristian Alfred
Team Leader – Ports & Maritime

Scott Keane
Industry Director – Ports & Maritime